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Why Cat Owners are the Best Type of People

Buddy the Cat & me

The debate is never-ending.

Which are better, cats or dogs?

For National Cats Day (yes, it’s a thing!) I’m here to list reasons why you cat owners are the best!

Cat owners have more free time.

Unlike dog owners who spend their days chasing after their pet, cat owners tend to spend their free time relaxing whilst their cats do their own thing.

Not to mention, cat owners have more time on their hands to finish reading that book without a furry friend in their face... Unless it's my cat who has to get at least an hour a day of cuddles, but I don't mind!

Cat owners worry less.

Ever heard a cat owner say, ‘sorry I need to get off, I’m worried my cat is chewing the sofa?’

I didn’t think so.

Cats are less destructive than dogs and spend most of their time sleeping. They sleep on average 12-16 hours a day – they’re just as relaxed as their owners!

Cat owners are less needy.

Studies have shown cat owners tend to be a lot more introverted.

Meaning they’re fine being on their own!

Which makes sense considering dogs typically give their humans much more attention than cats!

Cat people are said to be smarter than dog people.

According to www.sciencemag.org cat people scored higher on intelligence tests.

Cat people are said to be more introverted, open-minded, and sensitive.

Whereas dog people are more outgoing, energetic, and prefer to follow the rules.

Who wants to follow rules? Not us cat owners.

Cat owners make the best friends!

Linking to all my previous reasons, cat owners are super chilled, don’t have to dash off to check their furniture, and won’t be bothered if you don’t speak to them every single day.

They make the perfect dinner date, gym buddy, tennis partner, or even the perfect person to chill and watch Netflix with – whether their cat is in or out.

Happy National Cat Day to all you cat owners and your furry friends!

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