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What's in My Bag? COVID 19 Edition.

Hey guys!

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and thought it would be pretty cool to do a 'what's in my bag?' post. I've seen these before, dating back to 2018/2019 but thought it'd be worth doing a COVID 2020 'special'.

I'm currently sat on a train heading across to the other side of England, and when I looked into my bag, I thought this would be a great idea - it has really made me think about how much has changed.

We're adapting after all to a new way of life...

So the big question, has your handbag stayed the same, or changed?

Let's take a look at my bag and the items I'm carrying with me today...

My Purse

This is a more obvious one, one I can never see change. I have this gorgeous Osprey purse my boyfriend bought me a couple of years back and it's perfect for fitting in everything I need. The only problem is, it's too big for most small clutches when you're on a night out, so I have to brave it and put my cards in the pocket section of smaller bags.

Nude Lipstick

I will always have a pink/nude shade in my bag. My top three most likely to be on my person are 1) Mac Velvet Teddy 2) Charlotte tilbury Pillow Talk 3) Elizabeth Arden Pale Petal.

Givenchy L'interdit Hair Mist

I only started using this hair mist about two months ago and it did not disappoint, it is honestly gorgeous! It keeps your hair feeling fresh, the perfume version is one of my favourites, well worth the money if you want to freshen your hair scent up throughout the day, and perfectly pairs with the perfume.

Superdrug Body Mists

I don't usually like taking expensive perfumes out with me, so these sprays are amazing. Blossom out of the whole collection is definitely a must-have. For just £3.99 this spray smells like Alien, and lasts all day. Would highly recommend it!

A Portable Charger

Every gal needs a phone charger in case of emergencies... or in case she needs to play a song on Spotify she can't get out of her head ASAP.

You can get this portable charger here.

A Face Mask

If someone showed me this picture a year ago, I would be like 'why on earth am I wearing a face mask?!' I now always have two with me on hand, the one I love at the minute is this pink washable mask you can find from THEBRITISHMASK.

The other one is a surgical mask you can buy in packs from the shop.

Remember guys it's super important to wear a mask! I've had COVID 19 myself and it's not nice - please be safe and responsible!

Hand Gel

Now, this is something I wish I always had on my person before COVID 19, but like many others, I never carried hand gel around anywhere. I'm getting used to it and I honestly wish I used to live this way before COVID. I actually think I'm addicted now to making my hands squeaky clean.

Protective Gloves

I would find this really weird to have in my bag a year ago, but now I feel uncomfortable without them. Also these ones are really good to have on and use your phone at the same time, so we're winning here. right?

Having a look at what I have in my bag, in a sense not much has changed. But little things like a face mask, hand gel, and protective gloves, something I never thought would be an important part of my life has now taken over.

It's strange what can happen in a year, and those 3 items are now much more important in my handbag than my lipstick and perfume will ever be - I never thought I'd say that!

So yes, it's a strange one. We're living in strange, difficult times - but I can see hope at the end of this for us all to live a better, much more cleaner lives post-COVID 19.

Has anything in your bag changed?

Let me know in the comments!

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