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The Original Cocktail: How To Make An Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Whiskey
Old Fashioned Whiskey


If you follow my Instagram page, you will know over the weekend I made a poll.

Which cocktail would you like me to make?

Old fashioned... Or... Manhattan?

The Old fashioned won by a large majority, so we made it Saturday afternoon and posted a video on IGTV on how you can make your own.

Me and @min_effort really wanted to make an Old Fashioned after researching how popular the cocktail is. On many forums, it was #1 cocktail of 2020.

A little history lesson:

When cocktails were first invented, (dating back to around the 1800s) they were very simple. They consisted of a spirit, sugar, and bitters. Exactly like the popular Old Fashioned we still make today!

As time went on, people were a lot more inventive with their drinks and changed the way people knew cocktails. Because they were changing so rapidly, when people wanted one that contained a spirit, sugar, and bitters, they'd ask for their cocktail to be made the 'Old Fashioned' way.

The name has stuck ever since, hence why this popular beverage is named the Old Fashioned.

It was kept alive through prohibition because of how simple & easy it is to make!

If you couldn't get your hands on different types of liquor, all you needed was whiskey or brandy, and you were good to go!

Here's how you can make an Old Fashioned today:

  • Put a teaspoon of sugar in a glass

  • Add a dash of bitters (We made our own bitters by squashing up orange zest, with a drop of gin) & a splash of water to dissolve all

  • Mashup together

  • Add ice

  • Pour 50ml of whiskey over it all

  • Stir & garnish with an orange peel.

We hope this blog will get you in the mood to do it the old fashioned way - after all, it's the Mother of all cocktails!

You can check out the video we uploaded here:


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