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The Busy Girls Guide: 4 Quick & Easy Hair Down HairStyles

That you can do in under 5 minutes...

4 easy hair styles for long hair
4 easy hair styles for long hair


I hope you are all safe and well. I thought today I'd put together a blog on 4 quick and easy hair-down hairstyles I do when I'm in a rush. As most of you know, I've been furloughed and I'm currently isolating as much as I possibly can. However, I'm still using all my quick and easy hairstyles to join Zoom calls and go on my daily walks as I would with 5 minutes to leave for work.

Maybe that means it should be the lazy guide? But because I used to do all these hairstyles in a rush, we'll pretend I'm still busy!

Now, these hairstyles are perfect for anyone that has medium-long hair. You probably know them all, and even do them yourself, but since it feels like we have been in isolation forever I thought I'd re jog your memories & prepare you for them zoom meetings & quizzes! (& Of course, the big wide world when we get there.)

1 - The Parted Head Band Look

The Parted Head Band Look
The Parted Head Band Look

This is always my go-to look in the office. It looks great with both fresh hair & just before your due to wash your hair again. It is also really simple and easy to do. I brush my hair all over with the Beauty Works X Molly-Mae Oval Bristle Brush.

I then part the front of my hair, whilst brushing the rest to the back so I can place my hairband perfectly behind my parting. I then grab a small clip and put my parting in place behind my ears.

Estimated time? About 2 minutes.

Like the hairband? Shop something similar here.

2 - The Hair out Of my Face Look

The Hair out of my face look
The Hair out of my face look

As you can probably see, my hair is extremely thick. If I'm going to busy all day, the last thing I need is it in my face. The best thing about this hairstyle is you can make it really cute and pretty. I use pearl clamps such as this one to tie it back so it still feels like I've actually done something with my hair.

Estimated time? About 40 seconds.

I brush through my hair, pick a clap, and pull the first two strands of hair to the back. Looking for something similar? There are some really pretty clips you can check out here.

3 - The Wavey Beach Look

The Wavey Beach Look
The Wavey Beach Look

This one is definitely my favourite, and seriously only takes 5 minutes! I use the 25mm Ariel Hair Waver. Because the barrel is so thick, it is super easy to run through my hair. With 5 minutes I have gorgeous beachy waves - this has actually been my go-to look for my many glorious walks on Liverpool's Docks.

With the other looks, I don't really use any styling spray, but for this look, I use John Freida Featherlight smoothing creme. I run it through my hair once I'm satisfied with the way it looks.

To give it an extra healthy shine, I also use Bleach London Hair Elixir. I also use this product with the majority of my other looks, it gives my hair a golden shine.

Estimated time? 5 minutes.

4 - The Half Hair-up Hair-down

The Half Hair-up Hair-down look
The Half Hair-up Hair-down look

This one is a classic fave! Now, don't judge me, but I only learned how to wrap my hair properly around the bobble about last year. For some reason, I couldn't grasp the concept of it.

Now, this look is perfect if you curl your hair - if I have this look, I've usually given myself a curly blow beforehand. But it's also great if you're in a rush. I usually brush through my natural waves, grab a section from the top of my hair and use a blonde bobble to tie it. I then grab a section of hair I've tied up and wrap it around the bobble, once it's all wrapped I use a bobby pin to tuck it into place.

I then use John Frieda featherlight smoothing creme to smooth it out.

Estimated time? About 3 minutes.

That's it for this short but sweet blog!

I hope this has helped a busy gal (or lazy like me) out next time they don't know what to do with their hair. Have any other quick and easy suggestions? Leave in the comments below!

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