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Raches Edit: 10 Amazon Summer Must-Haves


Hope you are all safe & well. This week I thought I'd list 10 Amazon must-haves of mine.

One thing I haven't stopped doing in quarantine is online shopping. In fact, it is one of the only things that has kept me sane in the past few months.

With it being summer, I thought I'd list 10 things I think you should invest in. After all, summer ain't cancelled!

Let's get in the summer spirit, whilst I list some of my absolute faves available on Amazon right now!

1 - Metallic Straws

If you read any of my cocktail blogs, you have probably seen these bad boys in some of my all-time favourite drinks. I love how pretty these straws are, they also look and feel so much better than paper or plastic ones. As well as saving the environment, they make your drinks look pretty classy. Whether it be a fancy cocktail or a glass of lemonade.

I love the cleaning tools they come with too, there is nothing more therapeutic than cleaning your metallic straw set! (I swear I'm not a loser, try it for yourself.)

You can find this set on Amazon here for £4.99.

2 - A Portable Grill For a BBQ

So, the weather here is pretty nice in England and I've seen a lot of Instagram posts of fab BBQs. If you have an outdoor space, a portable one like this is perfect.

I don't have a garden, however, I do have a small balcony that this fits great on. The great thing about this is you can pack it up and take it anywhere. So, when quarantine does end this would be great to take with you on the beach.

Nothing says summer like some BBQ food.

You can find this exact one here for £22.99.

3 - Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa has already made an appearance in my blog 10 Things Every Adult Needs in Their Home. I honestly think the gal is ama-zing. You can connect it to Spotify or Itunes and play your favourite playlists whilst you're doing your house chores, or if you're like me, making lots of cocktail mixes!

I mainly use Alexa to set me reminders, such as Alexa, remind me to cancel my subscription before my free trial ends.

& of course to play music whilst I'm enjoying the sun on my balcony, cleaning the flat or working from home.

You can find your new Alexa here, the prices differ depending on what version of her you would like.

4 - Cute Sprays / Deodorants

Summer is the perfect time to try out different scents. There are plenty of great sets on Amazon, but this has really caught my eye & I'll be adding it to my wishlist.

They're scents in the form of a crayon and come in: Victoria’s Secret Angel, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly, Very Sexy, Victoria, and Sexy Little Things Noir Tease. (Size 3 g/11 oz. each)

Item RRP was actually £35, but this set is only £19.99. Something like this would be perfect if you wanted to try the scents first, before going on to buy the full sprays which cost a lot more individually.

You can find this here.

5 - Something to Keep you Cool

If you're like me, you've been using a fan in your room that blows around hot air and gives you an itchy, dusty nose. This year I promised myself I was going to buy something a little better (without spending money on a ridiculously expensive aircon machine.) Living in the UK, I certainly wouldn't get my money worth out of anything expensive - at least for this summer alone!

I've found this little portable air conditioning fan I'd love to try. It seems quite small, but that's perfect for me as I'd only use it on my nightstand in the evenings.

The best thing about this item too is that it's Eco-Friendly. You can find this here for £13.90 & it comes in different colours.

6 - SPF Hydrating Lotion

The most important thing we should be protecting in the summer is our skin. I went for an hours walk the other day and came back with a burnt forehead & nose.

Not a good look... & also really damaging.

This hydration spray is definitely one of the best out there. When I remember to put it on (I'm so forgetful) I feel my face is super hydrated & protected from the sun. This cream is perfect for both men & women to use and is highly rated amongst other shoppers - including myself!

You can find this here for £12.54.

7 - Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones/Airpods are the biggest hype at the minute. I can't walk down the street without seeing someone wearing a pair.

I've been on the hunt for a cheaper version with decent reviews and came across this pair on Amazon for £21.99. For the price, they seem to be pretty impressive with the majority of customers really happy with their purchase.

I think I'm definitely going to invest in a pair of these for my power walks on the docks whilst enjoying the sunshine.

You can find & read the reviews for this product here.

8 - Something to Look After our Feet

Now, hear me out. This may seem like a really random one, but it's so important - especially in the summer! Your feet can get hot and the skin and crack & peel, so why not look after your feet, as you would your face?

There are some really great feet masks, including this BEQOOL Foot Peel Mask. This is really easy to use and feels like you're having a spa treatment from home. For £9.99 you can't complain.

You can get yourself fabulous feet by clicking here.

9 - Inflatable Pool

This is one item from my Amazon list I only wish I could buy. What I'd do to have a garden with an inflatable pool - it is definitely a must in the summer!

For all of you who have a garden (I'm so jealous of you) you can buy this pool from Amazon for £27.30. The prices do go up depending on the size you want.

You can find this here.

10 - A Beach Bag

Even though most of us can't go to the beach right now, I couldn't do a summer must-have blog without one! This summer beach bag is really cute & can pack all the essentials in from swimwear to towels.

It is definitely worth investing in if you enjoy picnics in the park! You can find this bag here for £17.99.

These are my 10 Amazon must-haves, do you have anything you'd add to the list? Let me know!

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