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How to Make a Sweet & Original Margarita

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Happy Friday!

Last week if you watched my IGTV, you'd have seen me and @min_effort made margaritas! Perfect for a summers evening, or, any occasion really!

We have put together both a sweet & original margarita if you would like to taste-test the two, I mean why not?! It is the weekend.

The origin of the cocktail is debated by many, but the most likely theory comes from prohibition times.

There used to be a very popular cocktail across the USA known as the 'Brandy Daisy'. It was made similar to a modern-day margarita, but (as the name suggests) used brandy as the main ingredient.

During prohibition, brandy, whiskey, and other American spirits were very hard to come by, and people often travelled across the border to Mexico for drinks.

The most popular spirit in Mexico? Tequila, of course!

With the new use of the Mexican liquor, the 'Daisy' was translated into Spanish, and the 'Margarita' cocktail was born!

Original Margarita:

Throw ice in a cocktail shaker.

50ml tequila 25ml orange liqueur

25ml lime juice

25ml sugar syrup

Shake Rub lime around the rim of a glass and cover in a thin layer of salt Strain drink into glass Garnish with a lime

Sweet version:

Exactly the same, but swap round the measurements for tequila and sugar syrup

Then use sugar for the glass instead of salt.

You can also throw everything into a blender with ice, and make yourself some frozen margaritas too!

We hope you've enjoyed this short, but very sweet (kinda like the sweet margarita) blog - please see the video below of us in action!

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