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How to Make a Sangria Pitcher


This weekend me and @min_effort decided to make a jug of Sangria.

Sangria reminds me of being at boat parties in Spain, with the sun shining and gorgeous views - so it was great to reminisce and look back in the comfort of my own home.

The origins of Sangria is mostly clouded in mystery - but from what we know, it probably came from a drink made in Roman times!

The Romans, and ancient Greeks, used to have disgusting drinking water, and wine was usually safer to drink because the alcohol would kill germs. However, it probably still tasted pretty nasty...

The Greeks and Romans would drink the wine with chopped up fruit, sugar, and spices thrown in - like a sort of wine fruit punch!

Over the years, the drink changed and adapted and spread around Europe with lots of variations.

Around 1490 A.D, it became very popular in Spain and Portugal.

The fruit punch was eventually named Sangria, meaning blood in Spanish (because of the red wine it was made from).

Despite its ancient origins, proper Sangria was still relatively unusual outside of Spain and Portugal up until the mid-1900s.

But in 1964, Spanish immigrants began making the drink in New York City, and the rest, as they say, is history...

Instructions & Ingredients

- throw ice in a big serving jug

- 100ml brandy

- 500ml red wine

- 250ml lemonade

- 150ml orange juice

- mix it all up

- pour into glasses and garnish with orange slices

Hope you enjoyed the vid - please let me know in the comments if you would like me to make mix anything up!

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