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How to Make 4 Classic Cocktails - The Rum Edition

4 Classic Rum Cocktails


Me and @min_effort are back again for another edition of our stay-at-home cocktails. Can you believe it's week 3 already?

This week we decided to go with rum - although rum isn't a particularly popular spirit, it can be used to make some of the most popular summer cocktails out there.

We have put together 4 cocktails for you to try from the comfort of your own home. We only use white rum for all of these cocktails, and no other spirits or alcohol, so we hope this is much easier to get on your essential shop.

& away we go...


Classic Mojito

When you hear 'rum cocktail' I'm sure most of you think of the classic mojito. The mojito is perfect to have on a hot summer day, it is incredibly refreshing & cooling. It is also really simple to make!

Instructions & Ingredients:

Add a cut-up lime to a cocktail shaker

50 ml of white rum

2 spoon fulls of sugar

A couple of sprigs of mint

Mash it all together

Add the mixture to a glass with crushed ice

Top up with soda water

& Then add sprigs of mint for garnish

If you want to mix it up a little, you can make different types of mojitos. We also made a strawberry one by crushing strawberries in the cocktail shaker along with the other ingredients.

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri

This is one of my all-time summer favorites. I get so excited for the summer to come so I can sip on one of these bad boys. (It just isn't the same in the winter.)

Instructions & Ingredients:

Put 50 ml of white rum into a blender

25 ml of sugar syrup

25 ml of lime juice

a handful of strawberries

& a load of ice

Mix in the blender until it's smooth with no chunks of ice

Pour into a glass & add garnish with a strawberry

Pina Colada

Pina Colada

This drink was @min_effort 's top pick! He really likes the combination of the coconut & pineapple. It's a nice refreshing treat to have after a long, busy day.

Instructions & Ingredients:

In a blender, put 50ml of white rum

100ml of pineapple juice

50ml of coconut cream

Add lots of ice

& blend it up until there's a smooth consistency

Pour straight into a glass & then add a fruit of your choice for garnish

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

This cocktail is simple, cool & a Cuban classic. This cocktail is perfect to have day or night and is really simple & quick to make.

Instructions & Ingredients:

Put ice in a glass

50ml of white rum

25ml of lemon or lime juice

100ml of coke

& then add 4 lime glasses for garnish!

And voila! We hope you enjoyed this week's blog! We loved seeing pictures of people's gin cocktails last week, so if you do make any send it to me on either twitter or Instagram!

Have a great weekend & drink responsibly!

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