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How to Make 4 Classic Cocktails - The Gin Edition


We're back for another edition of indoor isolation cocktails. These are not only fun to make, but they can really lighten up the quarantine blues. The main ingredient for this edition is GIN. You can find all ingredients whilst on your essential shop.

Me and @min_effort have made four drinks to share with you this blog, G&T, Bramble, French 75 & Southside. In our last blog, you needed a cocktail shaker to make most drinks, however in this one you will only need it for the Southside!

So we hope this one will be a little easier!

First up...


A G&T is the most popular gin cocktail. Its clean and refreshing taste is perfect to enjoy on a Summer's day. The great thing about it? It's really easy to make.

Instructions and Ingredients...

Put ice straight into a glass

Add 50ml of Gin

150 ml of tonic water

Add either cucumbers, limes or raspberries for garnish

...& voila.

Gin and Tonic

You can mix this up a little with a different garnish or a different type of gin, there is even different flavoured tonic waters if you want to experiment. Here we made a similar G&T, only difference is we used pink gin & raspberries. This gives it a sweeter taste.

Pink Gin and Tonic
Pink Gin and tonic


This one is definitely my favourite out of the ones we have made today. If you like a fruitier, sweeter taste, this cocktail is perfect for you. In most bars, they usually fill it with crushed ice, however we decided to go with a few cubes instead. This makes it much easier to make at home.

Instructions & Ingredients...

Put ice in a glass

Add 25ml of Gin

25ml of lemon juice

3 tea spoons of sugar syrup

3 tea spoons of blackberry liqueur

Stir together

Rub a lemon peel around the edges of the glass

Use the lemon peel for garnish and then add a handful of blackberries or raspberries

How to make a Gin Bramble

French 75

If you're a prosecco lover like myself, a French 75 is perfect for you. Where I live, there are lots of 1920's themed secret bars that serve these classy little drinks.

Instructions & Ingredients

In a prosecco flute, add 25ml of gin

25ml of lemon juice

25ml of sugar syrup

top up the glass with prosecco

& run a lemon peel around the glass

You can then use it for garnish & to make the drink look pretty

French 75
French 75


Love mojitos? Then you will love a Southside cocktail. It tastes almost identical to a classic mojito, however this has your favourite spirit - GIN.

Instructions & Ingredients

In a cocktail shaker, add ice

50ml of gin

25ml of lemon juice

3 tea spoons of sugar syrup

& a few sprigs of mint

Make sure to shake the cocktail really hard to mash up the mint leaves

Pour into a martini glass & add a sprig of mint for garnish!

How to make a southside

We hope you enjoy making these summer cocktails! Make sure to follow us both on instagram for more @min_effort & @rachesblogs . If you want to keep up to date with my blogs - subscribe here.

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