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6 Types of Copywriting Every Marketer Needs to Master

6 Types of Copywriting Every Marketer Needs to Master

Working in Marketing can be tough.

A lot of the time, you'll be expected to work multiple roles within one fancy job title such as 'Digital Marketing Executive' or 'Digital Campaign Assistant.'

Whatever the job title, I feel your pain. Sometimes you feel like three or even four people could be doing your job, but I guess that's the fun of a general Marketer - we ain't no one-trick-pony that's for sure!

You're probably already familiar with Copywriting, and do lots of it in your day-to-day, sometimes without even realising, but what type of Copywriting do you truly need to Master?

Let's go through 6 types of marketing every Copywriter needs to Master!

SEO Copywriting

This is writing content for your website. An SEO Copywriter uses search engine optimisation to boost the websites search engine ranking. The main goal for us marketers, is to make sure our website is ranking as high as possible.

Most of you will know, this is extremely hard...

But don't fear, there are many SEO courses you can take, that will help you write the perfect SEO copy to make sure your website is ranking as high as possible.

If you're not familiar with SEO at all, the spiders who crawl the web checking your site out, or any of that jazz - I have the perfect beginners course for free you can do today!

Yoast SEO beginners course - click here.

If you're looking for something that goes a little deeper, HubSpot's SEO certification course is perfect.

B2B Copywriting

Am I the only one that was actively doing this on a regular basis, but had no clue what it was called?

B2B copywriting is writing copy to inform a target audience of your products or services. Your main goal is to sell your product to other businesses, letting them know exactly what your company does, and why they should use your product.

This can be tricky if your job needs you to write several different B2B copies for various audiences, so researching the businesses you're targeting is key.

If you need some help on this, I found a great blog that gives all the advice you need when writing copy for other businesses, click here.

Product Copywriting

Product Copywriting is all about writing product descriptions before they go live, and creating text for any online advertisements.

The product in question, completely depends based on where you work.

For example, I'm a Copywriter for a recruitment company, so my products are the jobs that go live every day. I make sure before they're live, the right text is there underneath the job advertisement, along with the correct image - attracting the right audiences and potentially engaging them to click through and apply for that role.

For other people it may be a physical product such as a piece of clothing.

If you're looking for a complete guide to Product Copy, you've come to the right place, click here for more.

Ad Copywriting

Ad copy is content that encourages buyers to act, for example to buy the product, or sign up to the website. There is an overall goal that needs to be achieved.

This is great if you want to highlight a specific product, or in my case a new job that's gone live. You could be advertising for a whole bunch of things, but whatever you're advertising, there's one goal in mind - to convert the person to click on your advertisement and take action.

Here's a link to 8 Best Ad Copywriting Tips.

Social Media Copywriting

As a marketer in 2022, I think we'll all agree that Social Media Copywriting is at the very heart of what we do. If it's not your job to do the Social Media work within your company, you've certainly been asked to help, or take a look over the content before they're scheduled and ready to be made live.

It's tougher than it looks. You're basically crafting your companies message into a Social Media post. You're doing everything from making sure all of your socials are fully branded, with the right text colour, adding in the right hashtags to be apart of the right conversations & expanding your content into many different forms, whether it be informative posts or memes, spreading your message or creating brand awareness.

Everything you see from a business on Social Media, is Social Media Marketing, and I'm sure we all have our favourite companies we follow because they make us laugh, or produce engaging content. Look behind all their funny posts - you'll soon see they're heaped with messages about their brand.

Getting the social media engagement, even if your posts are great can be hard, so I've attached 7 Tips to Boost Your Engagement here.

Website Copywriting

Last, but not least - Website Copywriting. This is writing high-quality text for your website in order to sell a product, newsletter, idea etc to your audience.

You'll find Website Copywriting all over web pages including the home page, blog pages & contact pages. It's everywhere - and you'll find if you're great at Website Copywriting, you'll impress any future employers when it comes to Marketing roles.

There's one aim of marketing & that's to sell - if there was nothing to sell, there would be nothing to market!

You can find more on Website Copywriting here.

If this is the first time you've read anything from me, hey I'm Rachael! I've taken a year out of my own blog writing whilst I found a role in Marketing & have also been Ghost Writing for some brilliant people to boost their LinkedIn page. I have a Masters in Writing & I'm really keen to help those of you that want to further your marketing career, specifically in Copywriting. I'll produce weekly content to give you lots of free resources & courses on how you can be the best marketer possible, so please subscribe if you'd like to see more!

Stay safe,

RachesBlogs ✨

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