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5 Ways I Manage My Anxiety During a Busy Week

This week, I thought I'd put together a blog on ways I manage my anxiety during a busy week.

As we're all getting ourselves back to work now, and dealing with the 'new normal', a lot of us are filled with anxious thoughts, doubt, and a general sense of overwhelming fear. This is completely normal, we're all human & this has never happened in our lifetime before.

But... there are ways to help manage anxious thoughts. Or if you're like me, crippling panic attacks.

I'm going to list 5 things that really help my anxiety, and get me through even the busiest of weeks...

1) Finding Time For Self-Care

Self-Care is great on weekends and days off, but it's also important to fit some self-care in around your busy schedule. Since getting back to work, I've put aside at least an hour during the working week to sit in a nice relaxing bath. I've even bought a bath board to layout and put on my Ipad, a candle, and a glass of prosecco. It's sooooo relaxing.

It doesn't just have to be a bath to get you nice and relaxed, it can be anything you want. I have friends who take an hour out of their schedules to exercise, do a complete skincare routine or even sit back with a box of chocolates with one of their favourite films.

Do something that takes you away from your stress at work or your anxious thoughts about the outside world.

2) Pray and/or Pray With Others

Praying is something very new to me, but I've found really relaxing and sometimes takes away any fears and doubts I may have throughout the week. I have been connecting with people from my church, and praying with them is a real comforter. I'll sometimes explain my worries and doubts and they'll call me to pray or send me quotes to read out before I fall asleep at night.

If you've ever thought about joining a church, or even having a pray alone to yourself, do it. It really is great once you open your heart to it.

3) Get Some Air

We spend so much of the workweek either cooped up working at home or cooped up in an office. I make sure I take the time of an evening to go for a stroll along the docks, where I live. It's so important to get some fresh air, stretch your legs & exercise.

Your body will really thank you for it.

4) Use Calming Apps

I sometimes struggle to sleep of a night, or, if I do get to sleep, I wake up in the middle of the night with horrible panic attacks. If you go into your app store you will be able to find lots of free calming apps that can calm with relaxing music, the sound of rain, reading out breathing techniques. Whatever works best for you. I'd suggest if you have panic attacks to find an app that focuses on your breathing & really calming yourself.

5) Using A Journal To Write Down Your Thoughts

I started doing this during the lockdown and it really helps. Writing down your thoughts about the day, your goals, and your dreams are perfect. It's private between you and the page, so you can write what you want with no judgment. I always write nice things about myself at the top of the page, so, if I'm feeling down the following day, I get to see all the lovely things I thought about myself the day before.

I love it!

Well, I hope these tips helped you if you have any tips of your own please let me know in the comments!

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