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5 Tips for Pitching a Guest Blog Post

Updated: Mar 1

5 Tips for Pitching a Guest Blog Post
5 Tips for Pitching a Guest Blog Post

Having the title of ‘freelance writer’ can feel pretty cool, right? But a lot of the time it’s frustrating and incredibly time-consuming. A lot of us have to pitch to multiple companies before we get any paid work at all. The majority of time as writers, we don’t even hear back!

Now, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good writer, it just means the competition is incredibly tough. Most companies get hundreds of pitches per week, and they all may be great, filled with interesting ideas that could drive the company’s SEO and get people talking, but half the time, companies are too rushed off their feet to read them.

The pitches people are going to read, are the ones that catch their eye instantly…

I have been successful recently in bagging myself some freelance work, and I want to help you out too! Please read these 5 basic steps to getting your pitch heard!

Ps these opinions are all of my own, and how I managed to schedule in some meetings and have my work published…

1) Create a Killer Subject Title

This is the very first thing the person you are emailing is going to see. Why not grab their attention? A company recently posted online they were looking for a Content Writing Octopus. I was really interested in writing for them, and started the subject with ‘Content Writing Millipede Here ✨’

I then mentioned in the email, I knew they were looking for a Content Writing Octopus who could write a range of content, but I believe I’m a Millipede (the insect with the most legs in the world) because I could write about anything they wanted.

Instantly, I grabbed their attention, in an inbox full of other pitches.

Make you Subject Title catchy, treat it like a Tag Line to a movie or screenplay.

2) Write a Compelling Intro (Build a Great Relationship)

It all starts with a strong relationship. Find out the person’s name, hobbies and interests. For example, if there’s a company you’re interested in writing content for, find the Content Manager of that company on LinkedIn.

If they have in their bio, Jane, loves travelling and all things content, you could start the email with, Hi Jane, fellow traveller and content lover here! I have been looking at your profile and love your posts, the blog posts about marketing really inspired me….

This shows you have taken the time to do your research on the person, their hobbies and the types of things they publish.

3) Do Your Research/Know Your Audience

This is so important, and it’s shocking how many people leave this bit out. If you’re looking to write an article on Sports, but you’re pitching to a cosmetic company, it isn’t going to work, and you’ve wasted your time.

It’s really easy to hear a company wants writers and to get ahead of yourself, but please make sure you can write the type of content they’re after.

Changing subjects and topics for a company that want writers is fine, and it shows how versatile you are, but make sure your topic matches the theme of the website or magazine.

4) Provide Examples of Your Content

As well as a blog pitch, I’ve noticed companies love it when you can provide them with work you've actually written. They get a sense of what the final piece will look like, and it’s reassuring that you can write something they can proudly place on their website.

If you haven’t got work to show them yet, show them stuff you have created in your own time. Such as a blog on your website or things you have written in your spare time or in your degree.

5) Provide Different Titles for Your Pitch They May Like

I recently took a Content Marketing course on Hubspot. They suggested coming up with 5-10 different titles for blog posts and articles.

Show the company you’re really invested in writing this pitch and give them as many ideas as possible!

The Content Marketing Course is completely free on HubSpot, and I would highly recommend. Click here if you’re interested.

I hope these tips help you when you next pitch a blog post/article. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add to this list!

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