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5 Inexpensive Vegan & Cruelty Free Hair and Skin-Care Products That Work Wonders

I am usually heavily influenced by blogs and videos when it comes to hair and skin-care. I always want the best products, and love watching skin & hair-care videos on instagram. (I have a wish list as long as my arm.)

Over the last few weeks I have been put on furlough in work, which means I receive 80% of my salary but do not have to go into work, and cannot be employed by anyone else. Losing 20% of my pay has been a big hit, and products I was struggling to afford anyway, I certainly can't afford now.

However, all is not lost *yay.* There are plenty of brilliant, affordable skin and hair-care items available for you to buy online today. I found these 5 amazing products I've been using over the last month & I feel fabulous...

1 - Revolution Pink Clay Mask - £8

Pink clay masks have definitely been a quarantine-must for me. However, a lot of them are quite pricey and I go through the tubs alarmingly fast.

I came across Revolutions pink clay mask for just £8. For the price, you get a lot of product and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I apply mine with the little brush you get with Sand & Skys pink clay mask - however I don't see why you can't use your hands.

The only issue you may have with this mask, is it has a bit more of a fragrance than other clay masks on the market. My skin is usually quite sensitive to fragranced products, so I was a bit worried at first before applying it, but, after a couple of minutes the smell does go away and my skin was lovely and soft once I had gently washed away the clay with warm water.

If pink clay masks are not your thing, Revolution do similar tubs of products that feel much softer and lighter on your face. I bought Revolution Skincare x Jake Jamie Strawberry Donut Face Mask for £8. It smells like sweet strawberries and can sit on your face for hours. There are other products from this collection 'feed your face.' Including, Avocado masks, Mint chock chip and watermelon. So you don't have to go pink if you don't want to!

2 - Revolution Skincare Holographic Glitter Face Off Mask - £6

This product from Revolution is great for hydrating your skin! One thing I find when doing my skin-care routine, is my face can still feel really dry. Even after applying all the products and giving my self a full morning pampering session.

I was skeptical with this one at first, but for the price it is, and the fact it's glittery (I love pink and glitter) - I had to give it a go. It is really easy to apply, it gives your face a lovely smooth glittery look. Once you've left it on for about 20 minutes to half an hour you can peel it off, it is so easy to do.

I'm usually really scared peeling face masks off, I've had a few bad experiences with some charcoal masks on the market, but this is really easy and quite fun! My face definitely feels much more hydrated. I use this product twice a week usually about 3-4 days between each other.

3 - Plumper & Buffer Lip Kit - 100% NATURAL LIP CARE £16

There are so many pricey lip kits out there. I came across this kit on BYBI and was instantly impressed with all the 5 star reviews.

When it came in the post I was slightly disappointed with how small the product was, but a little certainly does go a long way. I've been using this every day for a month now and I'm not even half way through the tub!

It's perfect if you have dry lips like mine. My lips always get quite bitty and the skin always breaks up, particularly in the summer. Once I used the lip scrub I saw instant results. My lips were lovely and smooth all day.

I don't tend to use the plumper every single day, just because there is no point in wearing it round the house, but when I do use it after the scrub, it gives my lips a lovely plumped finish and gorgeous glow. It doesn't sting and isn't too full-on, so it's perfect if you are only looking for a little plump and more of a fuller-lip.


Now onto hair-care! I actually bought both shampoo and condition from Home Bargains for 89p each which is an absolute bargain, but for those of you that don't live near that store / don't have it in your country, you can find it online for a little bit more.

I think we can all agree it's still amazingly cheap!

This duo has been better for me than most expensive hair mask treatments I've had. It's really kept my blonde shiny & alive and the conditioner, if you use like a mask can be left on for hours. I only keep mine in for 20 minutes and use a paddle brush in the shower to brush through my hair. It leaves it silky smooth for days and the smell is unreal!

It is definitely a perfect option if you want to stock up on shampoo & conditioners whilst in isolation.

They don't just cater to us blondes, there are shampoos for all hair colours & hair types with excellent online reviews, and even more incredible prices!

5 - Bleach London REINCARNATION MASK 200ML - £7.50

If you read my recent self-care blog, you'll know I was quite ill a couple of months back. I left my hair up in a bun for weeks on end, and because of how thick it is, it was a complete tattered mess.

I can't thank the reincarnation mask enough for how amazing it made my hair feel after I left it in for an hour. It didn't take my tats out completely in one go, but after a few treatments my hair was back to normal - and incredibly shiny!

I would recommend using this product about once a week to give your hair a perfect shine. It has such a creamy texture and feels incredible to apply and wash-off. For the incredible price, you get a lot of the product, so I would highly recommend stocking up on this beaut mask!

There are other hair-care items on Bleach London for great prices too, I would recommend having a browse & reading the reviews.

I hope some of these products listed will give you some inspo when you next order yourself some self-care items! Best thing about them all? They're vegan and cruelty free.

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