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4 Celebration Cocktails: The Prosecco Edition

prosecco cocktails
prosecco cocktails


Me and @min_effort are back for our fourth week of cocktail making. We've seen on Instagram recently and across other social media platforms, lots of couples celebrating their anniversaries, people having date nights & also isolation birthdays.

Just because the bars aren't open, doesn't mean you can't celebrate in style. For those of you that need some fancy cocktail inspiration, we put together four easy cocktails you can mix from home. This can be for your date or zoom nights - they're perfect!



This cocktail is really fruity & classy. Not only can you have these on your celebration night, they are also perfect for brunch.

Instructions & Ingredients:

Put 50ml of peach puree or juice into a champagne flute

25ml of peach liqueur

& Then top up with prosecco

Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz
Aperol spitz

This is a really popular prosecco cocktail. It has a tangy taste and is perfect for people who enjoy more bitter flavours.

Instructions & ingredients:

Put ice in a glass

50ml of Aperol

150ml of prosecco

25ml of sparkling water or soda water

Garnish with an orange slice

Rosé prosecco punch

rose prosecco punch
rose prosecco punch

Me and @min_effort decided to come up with our own cocktail. I love more pinky cocktails whereas @min_effort enjoys more stronger tastes so we combined the two.

Instructions & ingredients:

Rub lemon around the rim of a glass of your choice & dip in sugar

Then add 25ml of blackcurrant liqueur

25ml of lemon juice

Top up with rosé prosecco

Garnish with raspberries, mint & a lemon slice

Kir Royale

kir royale
kir royale

This one is the ultimate glamourous sipper. It started when a mayor in France started mixing blackcurrant liqueur with the local champagne. Fancy!

Instructions & ingredients:

Fill a champagne flute with prosecco

Add a few teaspoons of blackcurrant liqueur

Garnish with raspberries

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the cocktails we've made this week! Please do send any photos of cocktails you take, you can tweet them to me here & if you have anything you'd like us to make, write in the comments below!

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