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11 Things You Learn When You Leave Home

So, it's coming up to 3 years since I left my Mum, Dad, brother & little dog Benji to go live with my boyfriend. I remember thinking, how hard can it be? I finally get the freedom I've always wanted.

Whilst I admit, it is great - I miss my family, A LOT. Not only that, but I also have a new appreciation for how amazing my Mum really is - she runs that household like a female boss.

To celebrate 3 years living with my boyfriend, and finding new independence - I thought I'd share with you 11 things I've learned...

1. Sometimes You Just Gotta Buy New Underwear and Skip Laundry Day

Although I really try and wash the pile that heaps up in the corner of my landing every week, sometimes I just don't have the energy. Living in the city centre too, means I'm super close to a primark.

£3 for a 5 pack of black plain knickers? Why not, ey?!

2. It's Incredibly Hard to Put IKEA Furniture Together

I am SO thankful I moved out with my boyfriend, for this very reason. We bought a wardrobe, makeup table & a chest of drawers from IKEA. They look absolutely gorgeous in my bedroom but oh my, it took so many hours, blood sweat & tears to put together we both passed out for the evening once it was finished. If you survive this with your partner, marry them - it's the ultimate test!

3. You Need to Budget in Order to Survive

Yep, it hurts - but if you don't want to spend the last 2 weeks before payday eating bland spaghetti meals, you must budget.

4. You Want To Spend Time With Your Parents

You no longer want to keep things from them, in fact, you spend a lot of time calling and Facetiming them to see what they're up to - my Mum and Dad are my BFFS.

5. The Fridge Doesn't Clean Itself

Food, unfortunately, gets stale, and to my surprise - it doesn't miraculously disappear out of the fridge?! LOL

I never used to think about this when I lived at home, so when I smelt stale food in my fridge it was a bit of a shock to the system.

6. .... And Same Goes For Your Home

Where does all the dust come from? So. Much. Dust.

7. 99.9% of the Time, You'll Forget Your Bag For Life - And Will Have Tonnes Stored in Your Cupboard

I try my best, I swear. It's just so hard to remember sometimes!

8. As Soon As You Clean Your Shower... It's Like the Mould Comes Back Instantly

This is SO annoying. My Mum kept the shower spotless - mums really need to share their secrets!!

9. If You Can Get Away With Steaming Your Clothes Instead Of Ironing - Why Not?

If I have no time in the morning, I hang my clothes up against the front door and have good steam - it's not as good as ironing, but, it definitely works!

10. You Need to Buy Toilet Paper

When you live at home, you never think about buying basic things such as toilet paper. One thing I can't cope with - is we get through a family pack so quickly?! There's only 2 of us!

11. You Will Miss Your Family Pet More Than Anything

This is my little pupper, Benji! I miss him so much, but when we reunite it the best feeling in the world!!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog, these are just 11 of many things I've learned since moving out. If you enjoy please let me know, I may do another one soon!

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