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10 Ways to Start Your Day Positively

10 Ways to start your day positively

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm not a morning person.

I absolutely adore my sleep and struggle to get ready, or even keep it together in the morning.

When I was on furlough for 3 months, I found myself getting up about 11 am, writing on the balcony with a cider, and enjoying life.

Wide-eyed and stress-free.

As soon as I was asked to return back to work, as happy as I was, I knew I'd struggle to get back into the early morning routines.

So, I decided to change the way I got up in the mornings.

Usually, blogs like this will be written by a person who loves mornings and want you to enjoy them too. But this one is different, I dislike mornings, a lot, I am just sharing with you how I start them on a much more positive, and enjoyable note.

& these tips do really work - it just takes practice!

1) Make Sure You Will Be Waking Up to a Clean Room

clean room gif

I can be so messy, and if I wake up to mess, and have no idea what to wear, or where anything is, I will be so groggy and stressed.

A messy room just makes me want to curl up in a ball at the corner of my bed and ignore any responsibilities I have. It also makes me less enthusiastic to smash my goals for the day.

I always think a clean room = a clean mind.

2) Change Your Alarm to A Much More Uplifting One

alarm clock gif

Everyone hates the iphone alarm sound. My boyfriend has an Andriod, and even the noise from my phone makes him feel sick.

It just reminds you of early mornings, dry mouth, and a desperate need to pee.

Mix it up a little bit, put on a track that is really going to help you seize the day.

3) Wake Up Straight Away

wake up gif

DO NOT press that snooze button, no matter how hard it gets. It just makes things 10 times worse.

4) Listen to Your Favourite Music

listen to music gif

Whether you're going to belt out some Lady Gaga or slow dance to Lana Del Ray, pick something that puts you in a brilliant mood.

We always have that one playlist, don't we?

My favourite song to seize the day is Michael Buble, it's a beautiful day. Even though it's about a breakup, it is SOOO upbeat.

5) Stay Off Social Media

social media gif

I know it's hard, but you get enough blue light to damage your eyes throughout the day as it is. Have a break from social media of a morning, and focus on yourself.

As they say, do you girl.

6) Prepare a Nice Breakfast for Yourself

breakfast gif

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, use the time you'd spend on social media to treat yourself to something delish.

7) Write Down Your Goals

goals gif

Start your day keeping your eyes on the prize!

Remember, the early bird catches the worm!

8) Exercise

exercise gif

This is something that can be difficult to get on board with, especially if you're knackered from what feels like 2 seconds of sleep, but it really works.

It also makes me feel really good about myself - it's like checking your step count at the end of the day to see you've smashed your 10,000 steps - priceless.

9) Read Something That Inspires You

reading gif

Reading is a great way to stimulate the brain. I would recommend reading something that excites you. Learning about characters, places, and plots can really help improve your memory too.

So maybe it'll help you remember where you put your keys in the morning... oh and make sure to remember your face mask!!

10) Shower

shower gif

Because who doesn't love feeling fresh in the morning?

Start the day smelling lovely - it really helps!

So I hope you've enjoyed my tips! I am thee worst morning person EVER, but if I can do it, so can you - I have every faith in you!

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