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10 Things You'll Know if You've Ever Been a Shot Girl

Hi guys!

Over the last couple of days, I've been reflecting on my time as a shot girl in Magaluf. I was only there for 2 months back in 2015 - but feel like I learnt a lot. One being, shot girling isn't for me.

Although I had a great time over there and met one of my BFFs who I know I'll be friends for life with - I can't help but admire those girls who are full time shot girls, or last full seasons in places such as Magaluf.

I had so many amazing memories there, but doing this job was just not one of them, although I'm thankful I landed a job to get by, I think you either love it or hate it.

Either way - you will definitely feel me with these 10 things I learned on the job.

1 - You'll get asked for free shots. a lot.

I think a lot of people don't realise the majority of shot girl roles are commission-based, and if we give shots away for free - we're making absolutely nothing that night. After the 10000th person to ask you for a free shot in one night, it gets very irritating!

2 - Dressing up is part of the job.

This can be a really fun thing though, bearing in mind you have the energy. It's like being paid to party, and at first, that is by far the best thing about the job.

3 - You will get stalkers

There were many occasions I was actually hiding in the back room because someone was waiting for me outside - and literally would not leave. This is the scariest part of the job, especially if you're working until the early hours of the morning. Some of these drunk men don't quit either - one guy waiting 4 hours for me to finish.

4 - ...usually the stalkers are well known amongst the other shot girls

if they're waiting for you, chances are they were waiting for your coworker the night before, or the shot girl across the road the previous weekend. Whilst most people are nice and have a laugh with you, there are such things as regular stalkers.

5 - people will get annoyed at you

This is one thing I disliked, people will really get annoyed with you for asking if they need any shots. You really have to have thick skin to put up with it - but please note these people really are few and far between. Most people are really nice.

6 - if you haven't sold enough, there will be consequences

Yep! If you don't sell enough shots, you will be shouted at. What's really funny about that though, is you're on a commission basis - so the manager having a go has lost literally nothing by you underselling. It almost felt like they were vultures.

7 - flirting comes with the job

Some people won't admit it, but sadly it's true. If you want more sales, chances are you need to get your flirt on. I think this was one of the main reasons the job wasn't for me, people took the friendly flirting way too far sometimes. Although I do get it can be fun - I guess it just depends what bar/location and who it's with!

8 - smaller groups are actually better than larger groups

You will almost definitely make more money from groups in a 2-3 rather than larger groups. I usually found chatting away to a group of two, boys or girls was really easy. They're usually really nice and buy whatever they can from you.

9 - when you say you won't get drunk, people will buy you shots

This is one thing I found really fun. If you're sat chatting away to a group of people, chances are they'll buy shots for you to join in with them. I have a lot of people on Facebook I met back in my shotgirl days who were customers! You do really meet some really nice people.

10 - Harassment is something you feel is just part of the job, but definitely is NOT

Looking back, I would have guys put their hands down my bra, or touch me inappropriately. At the time I thought, 'ah I guess it's just what it's like being a shotgirl.' It's really not - please don't tolerate it and speak to the bar manager if someone is being appropriate with you.

I hope you ex/current shot girls found at least one of these things relatable! Although it wasn't for me, there were definitely some highlights and many laughs along the way.

I feel like you need to be a shot girl once in your life, you definitely learn a lot of life lessons!

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