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10 Things To Have On Your Desk At Home


I hope you're all safe & well.

This week I thought I'd do a blog on my must-haves for your work desk, either at home or in the office. I'm back working from home after being furloughed for 3 months, so as you can imagine it is SO strange getting back into the routine of things.

I've been using my make-up table as a working desk, so I've really had to plan out what is going to be on there every day and set it up ready for my 8-hour shift - and because so much thought goes into organising my desk, I thought I'd share my absolute on-hand must-haves with you all!

Are you ready? L'go...

1 - An inspirational print

This already sets the scene for a great, positive day at work. I bought this cute little print from printsbymeg & whilst I was waiting for it to be shipped I got the cute, pink frame from Amazon.

An office essential? It may not seem like its something you NEED, but for someone like me who loves and feels positivity by surrounding myself with it, it's a must. I really believe it brings positive energy to my shift - and also looks super cute.

There is no price on this one as the small prints are currently free, you will just need to cover shipping costs. So get your one today!

2 - Blue Light glasses

Now, these really are essential! I suffer from really bad migraines and my eyes can get incredibley sore if I'm sat staring at a laptop screen for too long. So imagine staring at a laptop 40 hours in 1 week after 3 months with barely any screen time?! My poor eyes were burning!

These lovely glasses protect you from the blue light and any harmful rays that may enter your eyes. They're perfect - my eyes don't sting after my shift and I sleep like a baby.

3 - A scrunchie

If you've seen any of my hair blogs, you'll know I have super-thick hair. I always like to wear it down, especially if I have Zoom meetings all day, but, sometimes you can't focus in the heat with all that hair in your face.

Having a scrunchie on hand is perfect, it's also better than a bobble if you don't want any tangles or knots in your hair!

I've recently become scrunchie obsessed and ordered gorgeous silk scrunchies due to arrive this week. if you want some scrunchie inspo - click here.

4 - A planner

Now, don't judge me, but I spent about 21 years of my life without using a planner. I cannot express how much more organised the last 3 years have been. Having a planner on hand is always great for jotting down meetings and most importantly for me, writing blog ideas down!

Whatever your profession, a planner will always keep you organised.

5 - Laptop wipes

If you're like me, and eat your lunch over your laptop, you NEED laptop wipes. This is so your laptop and desk stay as clean as it was when you sat down 9 am on Monday morning. The last thing you want is little bits of crisp and bread all over your desk!

6 - A desk light

Desk lights are always a must, especially if you will be working until late. You can be creative with your desk light, like me here with my gorgeous beauty and the beast rose light. There are so many different lights you can buy to match your personality and bring something different to your desk.

7 - Selfie Ring

Now, you're probably thinking, why on earth would I need a selfie light? I discovered on my week back, selfie lights are perfect to put on your laptop so people can see you more clearly in Zoom meetings. If you sometimes have a grainy camera (like me with my MacBook) a selfie light is perfect.

You can be seen much more clearer and also have perfect lighting!

8 - Desk organiser

This is something I don't have yet, but have ordered because everything I put on my desk seems to go missing by the end of my shift! It's great to put all your stuff in, to keep nice and organised.

If you're going to get a planner, make sure to pair it with a desk organiser!

9 - Back Cushion

Sitting in a chair for 8 hours can feel really painful. The chair I'm currently using is one from ikea I got with my make-up table. Super comfortable getting ready for a night out - but not so much when I have to concentrate on shift.

I've ordered this back cushion in hope it will help my back and get me through the week!

10 - Post-it notes

So, you've got your planner, you've got your desk organiser - what about Post-it notes? This is the third piece to the puzzle on being completely organised. I love putting post-it notes on my laptop when I have to email someone later on, or when there's an assignment I have to complete that day.

Planners are great, but if you forget to read them you could miss out on some pretty crucial stuff - always invest in post-it notes!

So, there we have it, my 10 must-haves for your desk this week! Is there any you would like to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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