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10 Things Every Adult Needs in Their Home


Have you ever went into someone else's house & admired the little things in their home? You turn to your partner like, 'Why don't we have this?' Or 'What is this, I want it?'

I've been there with you, me and my boyfriend used to live in a really small flat, that had no room for the grown-up stuff... (that's our excuse)

Now we've moved into a bigger place, we have been filling it with stuff that makes us feel like miniature adults! Here are 10 things you should invest in buying for your home...

1 - A Blender

We actually bought our blender for £15 from a neighbour that wanted to get rid of all their stuff before they moved out! We have a habit of buying fruit and forgetting about it, so a blender is perfect to stop us from wasting the good stuff! There's something about blending fruit together that makes you feel so grown up, am I right?

You can also add some chocolate & ice-cream if you want a little treat!

2 - A Plant

A plant to look after is a must! I have had a little cactus that has been alive for about 7 years now. I've taken it everywhere with me. They're so low maintenance to look after, I think it may be a cheat, but still - it looks really grown-up on my window ledge!

3 - A Piece of Art Work / Something to Hang up in Your Home

Hanging something up in your home can really transform the way it looks. I bought my boyfriend a couple of years back original newspaper articles that came out the day he was born. We have a bare-brick wall that he has hung them up on - it looks so fancy!

It's completely up to you what you hang up, try and pick something that channels the vibe you want for your home!

4 - A Cocktail Maker

Having a cocktail maker in my home makes me feel really fancy! I got a full cocktail set along with a recipe book for under £15 from Amazon. Click the link here to take a look. It's really easy to use and also fun to make your own drinks!

5 - A Coffee Machine

Coffee machines used to be really expensive and way out of most people's budgets. However now, there are actually some decent ones for under £30. Not only does your coffee taste better in the morning, it's great to have on display in your kitchen - especially now most of them are so sleek!

6 - An Ice Cube Tray!

There is nothing more satisfying than re-filling an ice cube tray. I always feel really grown up when I keep on top of it. It's also a massive time and money saver! Why bother going out for some ice when you can make your own? If you want to make it a little more fun, you can get trays in lots of fun shapes!

7 - A Printer

A printer is a must-have for us adults! Me and my boyfriend are writers so we use the printer often. It is perfect for printing tickets out, boarding passes, etc. You will always need a printer for something from time to time, why not invest in one?

8 - A Plunger

Ever tried to unblock a toilet without a plunger?! I say no more. If you haven't got one, please buy yourself one today!

9 - A Book Shelf

If you're like me and my partner, you have LOTS of books! At first, we had them scattered across the apartment, we even had them in a cardboard box at one point...

We managed to find a perfect place for a small bookshelf, the ones we haven't managed to fit in we've placed on top. It's a mess, but a grown-up mess!

10 - Alexa!

Alexa is amazing. My Mum & Dad bought us one for Christmas - she really is the virtual friend all adults need. From telling you a joke to playing any song you request (you can connect it to your Spotify) Alexa is your gal!

Do you have any more suggestions to add? Tweet me on @Rachesblogs or leave a comment on this post, or my insta post with more must-haves!

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