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10 Best Things to Do Valentine's Day 2021

10 Best Things to Do Valentine's Day 2021

Valentines day in the middle of lockdown? No problem.

Whether you and your significant other live together, or you are currently isolating apart, I have something you can do either side by side, or on a romantic Zoom call. After all, Valentines day in 2021 has to be bigger than ever, we don't have anything else to do, eh?

Listed are 10 things you can do on this special day...

1. Breakfast in Bed

10 Best Things to Do Valentine's Day 2021

This is something you can do together or apart. I am already one step ahead, and have pre ordered one of those M&S breakfast hampers.

Whether you want some fresh orange juice or a little bit of fizz, you and your partner can create your own hamper or buy one online.

If you live apart, you can even surprise your significant other with a breakfast hamper on their door step.

To check out the hamper I've ordered, click here.

2. Have a Themed Date Night

Have a Themed Date Night

If you could be anywhere on Valentines day, where would it be?

Pick a destination and create a unique date night. If I had to be anywhere, I'd pick Paris. If you're with me, you can buy some French cheese, Eclairs and listen to music that will really set the tone.

Check this blog out here, for some Paris date night ideas!

3. Take an Online Cocktail Class

Take an Online Cocktail Class

There is nothing more fun than making cocktails!

I have been going strong since dry Jan but can't wait to make a cocktail or two on Valentines.

Whether you want to make them either together from online recipes, or join an online class - you'll have the best time.

Fancy having a look at the virtual online classes available this valentines? Check them out here.

4. Make Heart-Shaped Food

Make Heart-Shaped Food

I mean, do I even need to convince you to do this?

If only all food was heart shaped, all year round!

You can bake together, or check online, lots of independent businesses are making heart shaped pizzas and desserts for this special day!

5. Have Your Own In Door Spa Day

Have Your Own In Door Spa Day

Spas not open? No problem.

Put together a hamper with all your favourite spa treatments and give your significant other a massage, facial - or whatever they're into!

Remember to get some candles to set the scene!

6. Make a Scrapbook of Your Relationship so Far

Make a Scrapbook of Your Relationship so Far

You may not be able to go on holiday just yet this year, but you can look back at all the amazing things you have done together pre-pandemic, with hope to continue in your adventures once this is over.

The end is in sight, so leave some room in that book to add more memories!

7. Have a Rom-Com night

Have a Rom-Com night

Get some snacks and put together a list of your favourite Rom Coms!

Need some inspiration? Click here for 45 best valentines day movies you can find on Netflix this valentines.

8. Exchange a little gift

Exchange a little gift

Now, valentines day isn't about gifts - but it's always nice to give a little one if you can.

Little gestures are always the nicest, don't feel under pressure to get anything expensive.

Need some ideas? Take a look at some gift ideas to fit your budget here.

9. Explore The Outdoors

Explore The Outdoors

Now, with the current restrictions we have to make the right choices, and stay in doors when possible.

But, we are allowed to exercise with one other person from another household.

Why don't you plan a nice walk in your area? Whether its a hike or a romantic stroll, you'll be sure to appreciate the fresh air.

10. Make Chocolate Fondue

Make Chocolate Fondue

I mean, you can't get more romantic than that?

Make some valentines day treats and have a glass of wine!

Click here for Fondue recipes!

Well, I hope that has helped you and your significant other this Valentines! Follow me on instagram @rachesblogs for more Inspo!

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